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Welcome to the international content of rs visual arts and design group simply called stulier.com
what you will find in the online presentations are different positions in contemporary photography
and — for earning some money — some excellent graphic artwork from 3 decades.

Some basic informations: location of studio and gallery is the fabulos city of Düsseldorf in Germany.
The city the also fabulous dentist Dr. King Schultz, a Tarantino Character in Django unchained came from.

In other words where Joseph Beuys and Jörg Immendorff lived and worked at. What a coincidence those 2 guys belong to
a workgroup about sectioned images, comparable to cross-sectional imaging e.g. MRT and CT.

It is all about maximal reduction of pictoral information, on the other hand the minimum information needed to describe a portrait of a person,
landscape or architecture.

What news headlines shout out all day is just a repetition of pseudo information. My sections use these repetitions of the sectioned information to make these informations readable. So repetition is prior condition for my artwork whereas news are boaring.
You can say it is about quotation of the original information. On top it is quotation of original photographs by rs — Robert Stulier. Beuys was one of my first professionally taken portraits in 1982, Immendorff was subject in the 90's. To find out in December 2012 when I started working on this project of reduction, Beuys came handy because everybody knows his appearance and shape.

I can do recognizable portraits of a person in just 6 — 8 sections. I did one of Beuys in 7.

The one is presented in the workgroup of "Düsseldorfer Icons" is in 27 because of complex interaction. Go and see    > > >    Icons in sections . . .

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